Record of Ahaetulla nasuta Var. isabellinus from Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary Raigad-Maharastra, India

Record of Ahaetulla nasuta Var. isabellinus from Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary Raigad-Maharastra, India


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  • Publisher's keywords: Record, Ahaetulla nasuta Var, isabellinus, Phansad Wildlife, Sanctuary, RaigadMaharastra
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    Nitin Walmiki, Siddhesh Karangutkar, Bhaskar Yengal1, Vishal wagh1, Amol Kumbhar, Aniket Jadhav, Asif khan



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Vine snake belongs to the genera Oxybelis (New world vine snake), Thelotornis (African vine snake) and Ahaetulla (Asian vine snake). Ahaetulla is tropical Asian genus of colubrid snakes comprising eight species and distributed through India, Southeast Asia, Philippines and East Indies. Western Ghats in Maharastra is termed as Sahyadries and is one of the global bio-diversity hotspots (Myers et al, 2000). Northen western ghats extend across three states viz Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa. Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary (PWLS) was once a shooting reserve of the ruler Janjira during Mughal regime. PWLS is an unique representative of coastal protected area, as it is the only coastal protected area in Sahyadries range of Maharashtra. Survey was done from May 2010 to June 2011 on Herpetofauna of PWLS. During this study period we sighted Ahaetulla nasuta VAR isabellinus only four times. Whereas Ahaetulla nasuta is abundant and Ahaetulla pulverulanta is uncommon species in PWLS.

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