Evaluation of energy flow and indicators of chickpea under rainfed condition in Iran

Evaluation of energy flow and indicators of chickpea under rainfed condition in Iran


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  • Publisher's keywords: agrochemical, diesel, energy use efficiency, machinery
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    Mohammad Yousefi, Abdolmajid Mahdavi Damghani


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The aims of this study were to evaluate the energy flow of chickpea agroecosystems in Kangavar County, West of Iran to investigate the indicators of energy consumption. Energy flow and indicators was evaluated by gathering data from 55 farmers by using a face-to-face questionnaire in summer 2010. Results showed that total energy input and output were 4826 and 14663 MJha-1, respectively. Diesel fuel, seed and machinery (72, 13 and 8%, respectively) were amongst the highest energy input. Energy efficiency (output-input ratio) was 3.04, energy productivity calculated as 0.13 KgMJ-1 and specific energy was observed as 7.55 MJKg-1. Also, agrochemical energy ratio was 1.74% which was very small portion of input energy in this agroecosystems. However, results revealed that agricultural mechanization and diesel fuel consumption were responsible for 80% of input energy that is high and should be optimized to reach ecologic as well as economic sustainability in these agroecosystems.

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