An Analysis of the Graduate Dissertations and Theses on Teachers’ Burnout

An Analysis of the Graduate Dissertations and Theses on Teachers’ Burnout


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  • Publisher's keywords: Teacher, Burn out, Graduate dissertations and Theses
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    Ayşe Bilir, Gökhan Demirhan


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In this study, graduate dissertations and theses on teachers’ burnout are evaluated methodologically. In this context, academicians who will study in the field will be supported by revealing the current state of the related studies. This study has pioneering quality in terms of giving direction to the new research that will be done in the field later. In the research in Turkey, it has been looked for the answers to the questions on which methodology, design, validity and reliability, sample type, data analyses techniques are used along with distribution according to universities and years in the graduate dissertations and theses that were published on teachers’ burnout between the years 2010 and 2019. In the research, it has been determined that there are 160 master dissertations and 4 doctoral theses that have been completed between 2010 and 2019. It has been seen that most of them were written in 2009 with 44 items. Among the examined items, 109 dissertations and theses did not include any statement on the research methodology followed. The quantitative method is used in the 43 dissertations/theses of the remaining 55 items. Correlational design and descriptive design were the two most used research designs used along with the preferred sampling technique of simple random sampling. It has been seen that the correlational data analysis method is mostly used as a data analysis method published dissertations and theses on the subject.

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