The Road That Paved the Way for Critical Research Methods in ELT

The Road That Paved the Way for Critical Research Methods in ELT


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    Seher Balbay, Cemile Doğan


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A wide variety of approaches have been adapted for the purpose of conducting research related to English Language Teaching. In the first quarter of the 20th century, reflective thought was introduced by John Dewey. He highlighted the role of reflection through interpretation of the experience, naming the problem coming into view during experience, offering explanations for the problem, producing hypotheses and experimenting them. Although these phases seem familiar in today’s instructional context, it is truly compelling that reflective thought has become prominent and characteristics of effective instruction almost recently. This may be due to discrepancy between teachers and researchers or several researchers’ disregarding the important variables that directly influenced the results they obtained. Currently many prefer to proceed on the basis of their own determinations of the particular context of the research setting, essentially acknowledging the teacher’s active role in determining the most appropriate methodologies to use, contextual and affective factors. Thus, much post method era research eschews adherence to established methods and their principles and is at liberty to tailor approaches to contextual requirements. This paper intends to provide a brief overview of ELT research shift towards a more context specific and reflective stage.

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