A Comparative Study of Variations in Estimated Age between maxillary and mandibular teeth of an individual using TCA Method

Journal Title: Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research - Year 2016, Vol 4, Issue 6


Human age estimation is of key importance in any forensic investigation. Assessment of age by counting the total cemental annulations is well documented as a reliable method for this purpose with variations of only 2-3 years. This study is to find out if the accuracy of the estimation varies between maxillary and mandibular teeth of an individual. A maxillary and mandibular tooth each is collected from 50 patients. Longitudinal ground sections are prepared and mounted on glass slides using DPX. The image of midroot area is captured using a research microscope.and transferred to a computer monitor. Age is assessed using image analysis software. The variations from actual age of each tooth is noted. The variations of individual maxillary teeth are compared with those of corresponding mandibular teeth and significance is calculated using statistical analysis. In our study no significant difference was noted between the variations obtained from maxillary and those from mandibular teeth

Authors and Affiliations

Dr Anila Karunakaran


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