A cross sectional study to assess the knowledge and attitude of breast feeding among undergraduate students of medical college fromcentral India

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2019, Vol 10, Issue 3


Background: Human milk is not only a perfect nutrition but recent research has indicated that it may even exercise a degree of control over metabolism from cell division to infant behavior.(1) So a study of prevalent infant feeding practices is essential before formulation of any need based intervention program andto outline trends in feeding patterns.(2) Methods: It was cross sectional observational study conducted among undergraguate students from Dr.P.D.M.Medical College andResearch Center. Result: 64%from 1st year and88% from 3rd year were against to give prelacteal feed(P<0.05).For initation B.F. witin 1st hour after delivery 29%from 1st yearand63% from 3rd year were in favour(P<0.05).78%-85% from 1st to 3rd year stated colostum is sufficient.7% from 1st year and55% from 3rd year were of opinion that home available food used for C.F.(P<0.05).41% from 1st year and83% from 3rd year thought that total duration of B.F.should be between 12-24 months(P<0.05).54% students from 1st year and87% students from 3rd year said no to habit of bottle feding for giving top milk(P<0.05). 94%-96% from 1st year to 3rd year were of opinion that there is need of B.F. awareness programme. Conclusion: There was a gross difference in opinion among 1st year and final year students indicating that medical curriculum definitely changes knowledge and attitude regarding B.F by giving education to them. As students (10%-15%were ready for exclusive B.F) facing dilema regarding H.I.V. and B.F. practices.This issue needs more emphasis regarding health education as well as making a policy.In our study maximum students (70 – 90%) were unaware of the I.M.S. act 1992 should be included in medical education to protect, promote and support B.F. Though there is a general awareness in B.F. knowledge and practices is far away from satisfactory.

Authors and Affiliations

Pratibha Vinay Kale, Satish Tiwari, Pankaj Barabde, Pravina Kale


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