A Novel Approach for Processing of Real Time Big Data for Machine Learning By Using Map reduce Paradigm


As of late Big Data and its investigation assuming overwhelming part in ideal stockpiling of semi or unstructured information and Decision making by utilizing mining systems and prescient examination. Particularly Remote Sensing gathers colossal information as multispectral high determination satellite pictures. These pictures contain assortment of information in tremendous volume as pixels. Dispersing high volume information into various product frameworks utilizing disseminated record framework is a noteworthy upset made by Hadoop system to deal with enormous information with the accessible equipment and computational abilities. Delineate is a strategy which performs Map capacities and Reduce works on the disseminated document framework. This paper examined on continuous Big Data Analytical design for remote detecting satellite application. To deal with Remote Sensing Data proposed engineering contains three fundamental units, for example, Data Pre-Processing Unit (DPREU), Data Analysis Unit (DAU) and Data Post-Processing Unit (DPOSTU). In the first place, DPREU gets the required information from satellite sensors by utilizing filtration, adjusted conveyed stockpiling and parallel preparing utilizing Hadoop condition. Second, DAU recognizes the concealed examples from information put away in disseminated File System utilizing Map capacities took after by Reduce works in Map-Reduce worldview. At last, DPOSTU is the upper layer unit of the proposed design, which is in charge of arranging stockpiling of the outcomes, and era of choice in light of the outcomes got from DAU. Mapper capacities are part into number of record perusers and they will read the information stacked circulates document framework by utilizing key-esteem combine. The yield of each Map capacity is taken by Reducer work for further investigation.

Authors and Affiliations

Lakshmi Padmaja Paruchuri| Assistant Professor, Department of IT, Gudlavalleru Engineering College, A.P., India, B V N Prasad Paruchuri| Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MVR College of Engineering College. A.P., India


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