A Novel Method in Two-Step-Ahead Weight Adjustment of Recurrent Neural Networks: Application in Market Forecasting


Gold price prediction is a very complex nonlinear problem which is severely difficult. Real-time price prediction, as a principle of many economic models, is one of the most challenging tasks for economists since the context of the financial agents are often dynamic. Since in financial time series, direction prediction is important, in this work, an innovative Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) is utilized to obtain accurate Two-Step- Ahead (2SA) prediction results and ameliorate forecasting per- formances of gold market. The training method of the proposed network has been combined with an adaptive learning rate algorithm and a linear combination of Directional Symmetry (DS) is utilized in the training phase. The proposed method has been developed for online and offline applications. Simulations and experiments on the daily Gold market data and the benchmark time series of Lorenz and Rossler shows the high efficiency of proposed method which could forecast future gold price precisely.

Authors and Affiliations

Narges Motlagh, Amir Ghiasi


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