A study of clinico-demographic profile and factors associated with the patients of measles at tertiary health care center

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2017, Vol 2, Issue 1


Background: After Eliminating Polio from county our next Aim toward Measles. Measles, also known as rubeola, Measles is a highly infectious but preventable disease with potential for eradication but is still responsible for high mortality among children particularly in developing nations like India. Aims and Objectives: To study clinico -Demographic profile and factors associated with the patients of measles at tertiary Health care centre. Methodology: This was hospital based cross sectional study carried out in the children admitted to Pediatrics ward during one year period i.e. June 2014 –June 2015 Suspected of Measles and included in the study with the help of WHO criteria. The data was analyzed using Epi-info version 7.0 for windows (Centres for Disease Control, Atlanta, USA) and descriptive statistics were presented using percentages. Result: It was found that out of a total admitted cases of 254 ; there were 87 cases Measles with a prevalence of 34.25%. It is also clear from the table that the attack rate (Table 1a) was highest (73.13%) in age group of 1 -5 year. A slight preponderance for Female Child (54.02%) was found compared to Male child (45.97%). A majority of the children Attack by Measles were aged between 1-5 years (56.32%) followed by 6-12 year (22.98%). Higher Attack seen among children living in Urban slum(80.45%)A majority of the Measles case belong to lower socioeconomic status (52.87%). It was found that as much as 65.51% of the mothers of children were illiterates while nearly half of cases (57.47%) were non-working mother (Table 2). It was found that out of 87 measles attack children only 25.28% infants were exclusively breast fed. Excluding 3 cases of measles all were malnourished with (56.32) of Grade III and IV Category. Conclusion: The majority of the cases had occurred in the unvaccinated children that point out to increase Vaccination coverage along with this there also cases from vaccinated children points toward the fact that there is a possibility of a vaccine failure in older children and requirement of Second dose inclusion promptly in Immunization program. Even though we conquered over Polio Eradication for measles from above study it’s clear that along with strengthening of routine immunization activity More Effort on Female education necessary to achieve desire milestone.

Authors and Affiliations

Anant Ganpath Bendale, Rajendra Namdeo Patil


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