A Study of Socio Demographic Profile of Alcohol Dependents Attending De-Addiction Centre in Ahmedabad

Journal Title: National Journal of Community Medicine - Year 2018, Vol 9, Issue 9


Background In Indian population prevalence of alcohol dependence is 5%. The productivity, availability and consumption pattern of alcohol has undergone phenomenal chang-es in recent time. So this study was aimed to fill up the lacunae in the existing knowledge about various determinants of alcohol depend-ence. Methods: The Cross-sectional ob-servational study was carried out among alcohol dependent patients attending Kanoriya de-addiction centre, Ahmedabad from 1st June 2014 to 31st May 2015. 480 out of to-tal 600 patients could be studied as per the inclusion and exclusion cri-teria. Data was obtained after taking consent and entered in Microsoft excel and analysed using Epi info software (7.1). Results Mean age of initiation of al-cohol use was 22.59 ± 4.04 years. Around 70% of the participants had positive family history regarding alcohol consumption and this asso-ciation was found statistically sig-nificant. The most common reason responsible for the initiation of al-cohol use was peer pressure (35.20%) followed by curiosity (23.95%). Conclusion In the present study, all the patients were males and it may be due to poor health seeking behav-ior of female patients owing to the embarrassment and shame. Young age group must be taught how to handle peer pressure.

Authors and Affiliations

Parimal R Patel, Khushbu D Makadia


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