acCOMICating Science: Larry Gonick’s ‘Cartoon Guides’ as Models of Science Textbooks in Comics Form

Journal Title: Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies - Year 2012, Vol 2, Issue 1


Abstract This article argues for the use of the comics form in science textbooks to address the concerns that Thomas Kuhn (1996), Paul Feyerabend (2002) and Bruno Latour (1987 raise about science education. To effectively address those concerns, this article synthesizes the arguments that each of these philosophers of science address to situate the theoretical perspectives that inform the rest of this article. Afterwards, the article goes on to describe the theoretical perspectives of comics that inform how this form opens the problem of black boxes by showing science in action. Finally, three examples from Larry Gonick’s (2005) The Cartoon Guide to Physics present the ways in which the comics form can enhance science education. While further research may be needed, this article seeks to lay the groundwork for a science textbook in the comics form that shows (visually) science in action and partially engages students’ awareness of scientific development, including revolutions and the black boxes of paradigms. Keywords: comics, scientific revolutions, black box, rhetoric, textbooks, education

Authors and Affiliations

Sergio Figueiredo| Clemson University - USA


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