An Enhanced IUPQC Controller to Provide Grid Voltage Regulation


This paper shows an enhanced controller for the double topology of the brought unified power quality conditioner (iUPQC) developing its materialness in power-quality remuneration, and additionally in smaller scale network applications. By utilizing this controller, past the traditional UPQC control quality components, including voltage list/swell remuneration, the iUPQC will likewise give responsive power support to manage the load-bus voltage as well as the voltage at the matrix side bus.A FUZZY controller is executed in this venture in the place of PI controller. IUPQC will fill in as a static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) at the network side, while giving likewise the routine UPQC pay at the heap or small scale framework reproduction results are given to check the new usefulness of the hardware. Reenactment results are introduced to confirm the practicality of the proposed approach in MATLAB/SIMULINK condition.

Authors and Affiliations

D Ravi Kiran| M.Tech Student, Department of EEE, KIET-II, Kakinada, India, K N S K Santhosh| Asst. Professor, Department of EEE, KIET-II, Kakinada, India


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D Ravi Kiran, K N S K Santhosh (2017). An Enhanced IUPQC Controller to Provide Grid Voltage Regulation. International Journal of Science Engineering and Advance Technology, 5(1), 178-184.