An excellent book on the interpretation of scientific and technological innovation and energy reform -Liquid Biofuels: from fossil to biomass Review

Journal Title: Progress in Energy & Fuels - Year 2016, Vol 5, Issue 1


YearTenMonthDay,ismainly in China Petroleum CorporationDevelopment of Jatropha AeroBiofuels,at Capital International Airport by Air China Boeing747Flight test complete Success,Fills the air of our country's aviation biofuelswhite,Themakes an important contribution to the development of new energy sources represented by forPetroChina the organizer of the project,Hu Xuteng is a model of scientificinnovation with the thethe paradigm of practicalinnovation.He led the""Liquid Biofuels:from fossilsto raw materialComprehensive popularization of liquid biofuel production technology,andThedescribes the relevant policy regulations and development environment;analyzes both theSignificant progress,Facing the problems and challenges in development;both describes liquidsBiofuel Production Patterns,and think about how to speed up the development of the from a whole industry chainshow.Thepublication of this book can awaken more peers.,co-push New Energy'sDevelopment,is an excellent book to explain science and technology innovation and energy reform,whichsome ideas and ideas,believed to be bound to cause positive repercussions in academia andthe,lead the development trend of China's liquid biofuel industry.

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Tan tianwei


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