An Integrated Fuzzy Controlled Three Level Single Stage PFC Ac-Dc Converter


Today the wide usage of non linear loads like variable speed drives has made power factor improvement difficult due to the presence of harmonic currents. These harmonics cause overheating, and the amplification of these harmonics cause failure or damage of capacitors and other system components. Thus this paper presents fuzzy controlled three level single stage PFC AC-DC converter. This converter is used for low power applications. It has high power factor with lesser switches working at constant duty cycle. The proposed converter has a fuzzy based controller, a modified switching scheme and a inductor and diode bridge with dc-dc converter. Fuzzy controller allows fast responses with low output current and lower voltage ripples. This proposed converter is stimulated in the MATLAB software and the design and performance is further studied and analyzed.

Authors and Affiliations

Prapti Goswami, Lumesh Kumar Sahu


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