Anaesthetic management of a patient with hereditary angioedema

Journal Title: Dicle Tıp Dergisi - Year 2015, Vol 42, Issue 4


Hereditary angioedema is a rare autosomal dominant disorder caused by reduced activity of the C1 esterase inhibitor. Patients with hereditary angioedema are clinically characterized by recurrent episodes of swelling of the extremities, face, trunk, airways and abdominal organs. Attacks may occur either spontaneously or following trauma, stress, surgery, infections and hormonal fluctuations. The most common cause of death is asphyxia related to laryngeal edema. Giving C1 esterase inhibitor is the most effective method of treatment. Also fresh frozen plasma, androgen steroids, quinine pathway inhibitors, antifibrinolytics and bradykinin receptor antagonists can be used as treatment. In this paper, the anesthetic management of a patient with hereditary angioedema undergoing inguinal hernia repair surgery is reported. Key words: Hereditary angioedema; C1 esterase inhibitor; Inguinal hernia

Authors and Affiliations

Nergis Ataol , Murat Öksüz, Feride Korkmaz, Alaattin Öztürk


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Nergis Ataol, Murat Öksüz, Feride Korkmaz, Alaattin Öztürk (2015). Anaesthetic management of a patient with hereditary angioedema. Dicle Tıp Dergisi, 42(4), 538-540.