Aneurysmal bone cyst of maxilla with ectopic molar tooth – A case report

Journal Title: Otolaryngologia Polska - Year 2013, Vol 67, Issue 6


Aneurysmal cysts of bone are rare non-neoplastic, locally aggressive lesion of bone with propensity for rapid growth, affecting mainly the long bones and spine. It rarely occurs in the head and neck region and within the head and neck mandible (especially the molar areas) is common. Aneurysmal cyst of bone involving the maxilla in the first decade of life is even rarer. We report a case of giant aneurysmal bone cyst of maxilla in eight-year-old male with ectopic molar tooth within the cyst. Is endoscopic excision possible? Endoscopic excision of the cyst was done successfully and no recur rence was noted even after 1 year of follow up.

Authors and Affiliations

Roshan Verma, Ram Kumar, Amanjeet Bal, Naresh Panda


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Roshan Verma, Ram Kumar, Amanjeet Bal, Naresh Panda (2013). Aneurysmal bone cyst of maxilla with ectopic molar tooth – A case report. Otolaryngologia Polska, 67(6), 302-307.