Application of balneotherapy in the treatment of pre-school children

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2016, Vol 22, Issue 1


Natural methods of treatment are regarded as equal to conventional medicine, if not competitive with it. Balneotherapy is one of the oldest branches of medicine. Due to the prevailing trend of returning to nature, spas have enjoyed a great revival. In the medicine of the 21 st century, a holistic approach to the patient should dominate. Balneotherapy methods in the treatment are proof of that. Balneotherapy uses mineral water, peloids and gases for treatments, of which the most important are: therapeutic baths, drinking cure, inhalations and irrigations. In this type of a physical therapy, water is a part showing medicinal properties that improve health. The aim of this study was to determine the degree of the popularity of natural treatment methods. The study included 149 children (67 girls and 82 boys) aged 3–6 years from kindergartens in the Polish region of Małopolska. The most popular treatments of the balneotherapy include inhalations. A very important element of the popularization of natural treatment methods, including balneotherapy, is to make parents, caregivers, children and young people aware of the need to use them, as well as underline the very good tolerance of this type of treatment, lack of side effects, easy access and a low cost, with a relatively high degree of benefits arising from the use of these methods[b]Key words:[/b] balneotherapy, children, pre-school age, natural medicinal resources

Authors and Affiliations

Bogumiła Lubińska-Żądło, Bożena Kowalczyk, Stanisława Talaga


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