Application of endoscopy in middle ear surgery

Journal Title: Polski Przegląd Otorynolaryngologiczny - Year 2011, Vol 0, Issue 1


Endoscopy has been used in middle ear surgery for 20 years. Ear endoscopy assists usually the standard microscopical procedure, but more often constitutes an independent visualisation method. Many authors claim that endoscopy-assisted middle ear surgery may result in decrease in the index of cholesteatoma recurrence. With the aid of endoscopy may be performed many types of procedures, such as: stapes surgery, ossiculoplasty and second-look tympanoplasty. Exploration of the Eustachian tube and visualisation of the tympanic cavity from two endoscopes inserted transtympanaly and through the Eustachian invasive access in the future. Modern technology is able to obtain the three-dimensional endoscopical visualisation resulting in accurate estimation of deep and facilitation the spatial manipulations. Such solution are used in surgical robots. Endoscopical-assisted middle ear surgery may lead to improvement the results of treatment for chronic otitis media and constitutes the minimal invasive access to the tympanic cavity.

Authors and Affiliations

Kazimierz Niemczyk, Emilia Karchier


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