Assessment of Study Skills and Requirements in Learning Medical Curricula among Medical Students in Gadag District, Karnataka

Journal Title: National Journal of Community Medicine - Year 2017, Vol 8, Issue 11


Background: Sudden drift from the schooling and college life to medical profession professional environ-ment makes students difficult to cope up with the study concepts. Study skills are those strategies or skills like making notes, using mnemonics, group discussions and various retention and relaxation techniques for effective learning. Methods: Cross sectional study was conducted among all medical stu-dents to elicit the information re-garding the various study skills and strategies like preferable factors, en-vironmental factors, innovative techniques and requirements for ef-fective learning. Results: Majority of the students think that following time table, breaking study time into bits, finish-ing the work on the day, reading in morning and library, use of posters, charts and internet for difficult top-ics will help in better learning. Teacher should be interactive, loud, clear and use innovative techniques while teaching Conclusion: Student’s perspective thinking about the factors like fol-lowing time schedule, use of inno-vative and relaxation techniques and requirements from teachers are all important factors in better learn-ing of the medical curricula.

Authors and Affiliations

Ananthachari KR, Rekha Sonavane


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