Autonomous height measurement system for smart health monitoring

Journal Title: Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciences - Year 2019, Vol 1, Issue 1


Height measurement considered as an important parameter for health monitoring. The increasing demand for telemedicine services requires a robust and affordable height measurement system. In addition, the system should have the ability to interact with a remote destination. Unfortunately, existing height measurement tools are incompatible with telemedicine services. In this paper, a low-cost autonomous height measurement system has been proposed. Moreover, the system utilizes an ultrasonic sensor to measure the human height and processes the sensor’s data through a Micro Controller Unit (MCU). Finally, the MCU communicates with the remote terminal through a Bluetooth module. A special wearable prototype has been developed to deploy the hardware for real-life applications. The experiment results demonstrate that the results obtained by the proposed system are reliable with a mean error rate of 0.02%.

Authors and Affiliations

Nahid Hasan, Mostakim Mahmud Bhuiyan, Riaz Hasnat Sagar, S. M. A. Sharif


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