Autonomous Obstacle Detection and Tracking System


The most challenging domain in intelligent vehicle operation is collision avoidance. In case of extremities drivers show a great tendency to break vehicle than to steer although steering could be a better move. Automatic systems which could take the active control of vehicle and take optimal decision will be the most promising solution for collision avoidance in driverless system .This paper presents an automatic collision avoidance system that circumvents the obstacle in front of the vehicle by deviating from the path its moving through. This system incorporates three techniques –obstacle detection, lane detection and inverse perspective mapping technique. Lateral obstacle detection is made possible with the help of ultrasound sensors placed in the front end of the vehicle. A front end single camera is used for image acquisition and lane tracking. This system provides robust accident prevention with at most precision for action delivery at the right time of application.

Authors and Affiliations

Meera Alex, Rosemary James T, Liea Jose, Jaison Joseph, Sarika. M. Nair, Ms. Divya. B


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