Biomass derived motor fuels with higher combustion heat, ecological and chemmotological characteristics

Journal Title: Problems of Environmental Biotechnology - Year 2012, Vol 2, Issue 1


High pour point and low combustion heat were defined as the major disadvantages of biodiesel type motor fuels. We have proposed to add wood biomass derived bicyclic compound hydrocarbon (1S,5S)-6,6-dimethyl-2-ethylenebicyclo [3.1.1] heptane (C10H16) into fat acids methyl esters (FAME) type biofuel to improve its performance and ecological qualities. A novel blended 100% biofuel is thus obtained. For a comparision we have studied performance properties of the methyl ester of rape oil (MERO) mixture with mineral diesel fuel. It was determined that the optimal performance characteristics of such fuel mixture is near 30% of MERO. Density, kinematic viscosity, pour point and combustion heat of the blends were investigated: measured, calculated, and analyzed.

Authors and Affiliations

E. F. Novoselov, А. І. Shtyka, Y. А. Bereznitskiy


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