Boiler Tank Level Control Using Fuzzy Logic


In control systems there are a number of generic systems and methods which are encountered in all areas of industry and technology. From the dozens of ways to control any system, it turns out that fuzzy is often the very best way. The only reasons are faster and cheaper. The purpose of this project is to design a simulation system of fuzzy logic controller for water tank level control by using simulation package which is Fuzzy Logic Toolbox in MATLAB software. This paper proposes use of fuzzy techniques in Drum Level Control. A nonlinear coordinated control concept is presented in order to improve the flexibility and the performance of a once-through power plant. In order to find the best design to stabilize the water level in the system, some factors will be considered. For this project, the water level was controlled by using three rules of membership function. This project was focused to the software part only. By doing some modification of this project, the design will be very useful for the control of thermal power plant.Due to the dynamic behavior of power plant, controlling the Drum Level is critical. If the level becomes too low, the boiler can run dry resulting in mechanical damage of the drum and boiler tubes. If the level becomes too high, water can be carried over into the Steam Turbine which shall result in catastrophic damage. Therefore an fuzzy based system is proposed to replace the existing conventional controllers. By doing some modification of this project, the design will be very useful for the control of thermal power plant.

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Manoj Kumar


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