Case Report: Childhood Disintegrative Disorder in a 17 Year Old Male Nigerian Adolescent

Journal Title: International Neuropsychiatric Disease Journal - Year 2016, Vol 7, Issue 4


This case report aims to increase the awareness and hence enhance early detection of Heller’s syndrome by health professionals. Childhood disintegrative disorder otherwise referred to as Heller’s Syndrome or disintegrative psychosis is a pervasive developmental disorder characterized by marked regression in several areas of functioning after at least 2 years of apparently normal development. In this study, a case report of a 17 year old male Nigerian adolescent whose mental illness has lasted for about 15 years is presented. Prior to his birth, his mother experienced prolonged and difficult labour. The patient suffered an episode of childhood convulsion. Nevertheless, he developed apparently normally until the age of 2 yrs 2 months when he lost his previously acquired language, couldn’t attain any social adaptation, with associated inappropriate response to environment cues. This patient was also mentally retarded. Heller’s syndrome is a very rare condition globally; it’s often confused with Infantile autism and has a worse prognosis than Infantile autism. Its aetiology is unknown but Central Nervous System pathologies as well as autoimmune factors have been implicated. Early detection as well as concerted team effort is needed to improve treatment outcome.

Authors and Affiliations

Chukwujekwu Donald, Okeafor Chukwuma, Olose Emmanuel


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Chukwujekwu Donald, Okeafor Chukwuma, Olose Emmanuel (2016). Case Report: Childhood Disintegrative Disorder in a 17 Year Old Male Nigerian Adolescent. International Neuropsychiatric Disease Journal, 7(4), 1-6.