Comment on vikor method by combining this method and Linear assignment

Journal Title: International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering - Year 2012, Vol 2, Issue 9


Purpose: the purpose of this comment is to propose a new algorithm which shows the same result of Linear Assignment and Vikor method Findings: For finding new methods to solve multi criteria problems, we need to know the older ones, so at the first of paper we present a comprehensive description of the steps that we need to solve problems by Vikor and Linear Assignment Method and after, we show three example that we solved with new method. At the end we will Compare the results of new method and the old one in Conclusion part. Limitation: These two methods come from two different sub-model , vikor is belong to compromising subgroup and Linear assignment is belong to concordance subgroup. Value : The new method does not need any condition that is use in last step of vikor method . One other advantage that this new way present is ranking all alternatives at the end.

Authors and Affiliations

Naser Hamidi, Elahe Rastidoost And Keyvan Roozbehnia


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