Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in The Context of Online Learning: A Literature Review

Journal Title: International Journal of TESOL & Education - Year 2021, Vol 1, Issue 2


With the pandemic being a lingering crisis, learning has now been brought online to implement home-based teaching and learning. This article provides an in-depth study into the use of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in the context of synchronous online learning. It aims to answer the question of the current status of CLT instruction and some useful approaches to teaching CLT virtually. With CLT being a popular and inclusive approach to teaching, combining it with technology is a fascinating process filled with trials and errors. In computer-mediated learning, the roles of teachers and students are shuffled to provide for learner autonomy and motivation. In synchronous online learning and teaching, the use of technological tools such as Zoom and Discord are being discussed. To conclude, there are many applicable benefits to online CLT, and further research should be conducted to look into more approaches and feasibility in virtual or blended learning.

Authors and Affiliations

Wendy Teh


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