Comparative Study of Platelet Indices between Term, Preterm and Small for Gestational Age Newborns

Journal Title: Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences - Year 2016, Vol 4, Issue 11


Abstract: Hemostasis in neonate is a dynamic entity which evolves gradually throughout the fetal period and early infancy.Physiological status of newborn affects the hemostasis mechanism. To evaluate the number and morphological parameters of blood platelets in preterm,full term SGA newborns and to compare it with platelet indices of full term appropriate for gestational age neonates.Thiswas a prospective study, blood samples of 90 newborns were collected in K2EDTA tubes within 24h of birth and platelet indices such as platelet count, mean platelet volume, plateletcrit and platelet distribution width were estimated using Mindray Coulter BC3000plus autoanalyser.Data regarding the neonatal physiological status with respect to prematurity ,gestational age were collected .The statistical analysis were mean ,standard deviation ,one way ANOVA test was used to compare differences of hemostatic parameters between SGA ,prematurity ,full term AGA.Average platelet count of preterm(206 x 103 /μL) and SGA (202x103/μL) was low compared with term neonates(256x103/μL) with a P value <0.0001.Average plateletcrit was decreased in preterm (0.17%) and SGA (0.19%) as compared with term (0.22%) with a P value <0.0001. Average Mean platelet volume of preterm (8.4fL) & SGA (8.29fL)was higher compared to term neonates (8.13fL) with a P = 0.008.Average platelet distribution width was significantly increased in preterm(16.46) and SGA(16.19) when compared to term neonates (15.57) with a P = 0.002. Platelet indices may represent easy and early biomarker for identification of thromboembolic status in neonates andthus improves the neonatal outcome. Keywords:Term, preterm, SGA, newborns, platelet indices

Authors and Affiliations

Prof. Sathyavathi R Alva, Dr. Ashwini K. T, Dr. Navya B. N


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Prof. Sathyavathi R Alva, Dr. Ashwini K. T, Dr. Navya B. N (2016). Comparative Study of Platelet Indices between Term, Preterm and Small for Gestational Age Newborns. Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences, 4(11), 3985-3989.