Contemporary sports product and making a brand

Journal Title: Exercise and Quality of Life - Year 2017, Vol 9, Issue 1


The objective of this study represents the sports branding, while the main goal will be directional to explaining the contemporary sports product and making a brand. The main tasks of this study are, the first discussing the sports branding nowadays and newly created sports products as well as drawing attention to the specific nature of the branding of sports products as a separate field of branding in general. During making of this study, the authors used descriptive method with consulting of competent literature. The previous authors’ experience in this field was also so useful. Moreover, the author used the analytic method and parallel method that is the most productive if you make some inferences about some appearance. From the reason sport branding did not develop separately, it is the fact that it represents an integral part of the overall branding procedure; however, sport branding has some specialty in relation to other areas, mostly due to the reason, sport industry has much more unpredictable nature than most of other industries. This study made general retrospection of common characteristics and differences among sports branding and branding in general that might be relevant for many researchers in this area. Sports branding is developing rapidly around the world, the dominant example of this development is most evident in the “sports industry” in the United States. However, the sport branding is not at the expectable level in Montenegro, and working on recognizing Montenegrin contemporary sports product and making a brand must be more prominent nowadays.

Authors and Affiliations

Stevo Popović


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