Current Status and Burden of Malaria in Pregnancy among Women in Some Selected Internally Displaced persons Camps in Maiduguri, Borno State

Journal Title: International Journal of Current Science Research and Review - Year 2019, Vol 2, Issue 05


Malaria is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among displaced populations in sub-Saharan Africa, accounting for an estimated 30 million women living in malaria endemic area become pregnant each year. Recent literature indicates that over 140 million people in Nigeria with 97% of the population are at risk from malaria infection. To assess the current status and burden of malaria in pregnancy among women in IDPs camps in Maiduguri, a cross sectional study on the relationship between pregnancy and malaria parasitaemia was conducted among pregnant IDPs women in Maiduguri. Of the 100 pregnant women enrolled in the study and screened for malaria infection, 40 (40%) were examined in Dalori camp, 37 (37%) were examined in Bakasi and 23 (23%) were examined in Aji ganaram camp. The prevalence of malaria infection among pregnant women based on different IDPs camps reveals that, 42(42.0%) out of the 100 pregnant women examined in all the three camps were infected with malaria parasitaemia. In Dalori camp 19(47.5%) out of 40 women examined were infected, while in Aji ganaram camp 16(43.2%) out of 37 women examined were infected, likewise in Bakasi 7(30.4%) out of 23 women examined were infected respectively. There is no statistically significant difference between camps and malaria infection (p˃0.5). Similarly, the prevalence of malaria infection based on age group. Of the sample examined 68 (68%) out of the 100 women examined were infected with malaria parasitaemia, the age group of <15 years had the lowest malaria infection rate with 2 (2.0%) and there was significantly higher prevalence rate of malaria infection recorded in age group of 15-45 years old women with 66(66.0%). %). However, prevalence of malaria parasitaemia based on marital status in study population reveals that 51(51.0%) out of 100 women examined were infected with malaria infection. There was significantly higher prevalence among widows with 29(54.7%), followed by 18 (48.6), and followed by 4(40.0%) in single (not married women) respectively. Chi-square analysis shows significant difference between widows, married, single and infection rate (p˃0.05).The study showed a strong correlation between age, marital status and malaria infection among pregnant women in IDPs camps. The morbidity and mortality burden of malaria in the study population among pregnant women in internally displaced persons camps could be reduced drastically by proper prevention strategies, good dietary feeding, good shelter and improving diagnosis.

Authors and Affiliations

Fatima Lawan Bukar , Hadiza Lawan Bukar , Ali Abba Gana Benisheikh , Luka Yelwa Barde , Ruben Dawa , Alhaji Umar Awana


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Fatima Lawan Bukar, Hadiza Lawan Bukar, Ali Abba Gana Benisheikh, Luka Yelwa Barde, Ruben Dawa, Alhaji Umar Awana (2019). Current Status and Burden of Malaria in Pregnancy among Women in Some Selected Internally Displaced persons Camps in Maiduguri, Borno State. International Journal of Current Science Research and Review, 2(05), -.