Data Aggregation Approach Using Neural Network in Wireless Sensor Networks


A wireless sensor network is one of the busiest networks because of multicast and broadcast network .In case of separate communication it gives high energy loss because there is requirement of some mechanism that can select multiple communications in single communication. This kind of merging is called data aggregation. Aggregation process is itself efficient process that uses the improved greedy approach. Here we have presented a secure and authentication approach for data aggregation. The user authentication is performed using secure hash algorithm. It will reflects participating node over the communication Final stage is proposed work of neural network for checking bad packet communication over the network .The derived result showed the presented work which is more reliable and efficient than existing approach

Authors and Affiliations

Amanpreet Kaur| Electronics and Communication Engineering,Lingaya’s University,Faridabad (NCR), India, Vinni Kaur| Electronics and Communication Engineering,Lingaya’s University,Faridabad (NCR), India, Arvind Pathak| Electronics and Communication Engineering,Lingaya’s University,Faridabad (NCR), India


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Amanpreet Kaur, Vinni Kaur, Arvind Pathak (2012). Data Aggregation Approach Using Neural Network in Wireless Sensor Networks. The International Journal of Technological Exploration and Learning, 1(1), 5-9.