Democratic Republic of Congo and Crisis of Leadership (2016-2018)

Journal Title: Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Studies - Year 2020, Vol 3, Issue 04


Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has experience some leadership crisis since the time it gains its independence in 1960, the country’s leadership has been lacking three attributes of the utmost importance to the attaining of development which has temper with a real vision for the DRC’s future, which includes lack of competence and inability to execute the vision, and the character needed to ensure the realization of the vision with sound judgment, integrity, and equity. The paper has a finding from the literature reviewed on the DRC’s past patterns of poor governance, a clear and practical vision for the country’s future was not articulated and implemented, which has failed in developing concerted effort from a new and energized leadership that can move the Congo to the next level of development and prosperity. The paper has of the view that Congo must open up for various opportunities and avenues for reform in revamping democratic governance and electoral reform, promoting economic growth by moving beyond aid and creating a favorable environment for investment, reforming the mining sector, improving the health and education systems, and strengthening the DRC’s judiciary. The county needs leaders who are committed towards developing DRC. Secondly, well-organized and invigorated Congolese Diaspora must join hands with Congolese living in the DRC to work toward the reforms.

Authors and Affiliations

Jibrin Ubale Yahaya, PhD, Musa Mohammed Bello


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