Depression as Co-Morbidity among Diabetes Patients in India: An Increasing Disease Burden

Journal Title: Indian Journal of Surgical Nursing - Year 2018, Vol 7, Issue 2


Depression is the most common mental disorder worldwide. Nearly 350 million people are affected from depression. The prevalence of depression is higher in developing countries compare to developed countries. Diabetes is a chronic endocrine disease, affecting a large proportion of the world population. World Health Organization estimated that by 2030, the number of diabetes patient at global and India level will be 360 million and 79.4 million respectively. Depression increases the possibilities of poor glycemic control among diabetic patients due to poor self-care and behavioral mechanism. In the world, prevalence of depression among patients with diabetes is around 8.5-27.3%. Indians have wide range of the prevalence (12-49%) because of vast geographical and ethnic differences. The co-morbidity of depression among diabetic patients is an obstacle in sound diabetes management. Lack of social support, migration, gender, low economic status, unemployment and poor screening system are increasing the risk of depression in patients with diabetes. An integrated health care program is necessary to reduce the prevalence of depression among diabetic patients. The screening of depression at diabetes clinic, good social support and collaborative program are effective in reduction of depressive symptoms among patients with diabetes. Early diagnosis and treatment of depression among diabetic patient will be helpful in declining the direct treatment cost, disease burden, morbidity and mortality rate.

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Shatrughan Pareek


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