Developing a Practical Teaching Simulation Software for Ability Certification of Microcontroller Applications


This paper proposes an effective educational training tool used to help students passing the professional competence certification examinations held by TEMI (Taiwan Embedded Microcontroller Development Institute) association. In order to help students passing the certificate qualification examinations, the developed educational training tool allows users to simulate both discipline and technical subjects of three types of microcontroller application professional competence certification examinations, including microcontroller, digital logical circuitry design, and welding circuitry certificates. The proposed simulation platform can allow students to learn wireless remote-control robots, tracking self-propelled vehicles, digital circuit design, and electronic component de-soldering/soldering related technology, respectively. In this paper, the developed practical educational training tool utilizes Visual Basic and C# programming languages as the development tools for developing three types of main control circuit board ability certifications and the discipline ability certification training simulation platform. In addition, the designed teaching tool aims at guiding students on their hands-on experience to inspire students' interest in microcontroller related application technology and enhance students' learning effects. The proposed simulation tool has been used as the learning exploration with the students at Kao Yuan University in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. According to the experimental results, this paper can provide three contributions. First, it can increase the passing rates of obtaining three types of microcontroller application professional competence certification examinations. Second, it can assist teachers in understanding students' learning performance, thereby proposing related effective and efficient teaching strategies. Third, it can increase students' professional skills and employment competitiveness, thereby cultivating more professional and technical talents to meet the needs of the microcontroller application industry.

Authors and Affiliations

Chin-Ming Hsu, 2Chian-Yi Chao


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