Developing of a Multiple Intelligences-Based Elementary School Learning Kits to Improve Student Character of Social Awareness


This study aims to produce learning tools based on multiple intelligences (interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist intelligences) that are appropriate and effective to improve the social awareness character of fifth grade elementary school students. The learning tools that will be developed are in the form of products which include teacher's manuals and student handbooks. The resulting product applies learning that contains 3 kinds of intelligence, the characters to be developed are social awareness, scientific approach, and student activity-oriented. This type of research is Research and Development (R&D), which uses the instructional development model from Dick & Carey. The product draft that is made is subject to content validation by experts to test the feasibility of the product. Furthermore, the draft was tested on a limited basis to small groups or individuals, after that a field trial with a wider scope was carried out and this trial was a test of the acceptance of the model and determined the feasibility and effectiveness of the product. This stage produces the final product in the form of a teacher manual and student handbook that is appropriate, practical and effective to increase social awareness of fifth grade elementary school students in Indonesia.

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Abu Dharin,


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