Development of the SPA Industry: Management Aspect

Journal Title: Бізнес Інформ - Year 2015, Vol 9, Issue 0


The article is aimed at studying and analyzing the world market of the spa industry, the main stages of its development, its impact on economic processes and services, consideration of the worldwide experience of managing this business. A close interrelation and interdependence between different business elements within the cluster of the spa industry, as well as their impact on formation of the staff management system of the spa structures has been disclosed. It is proved, that implementation and application of the proposed system for staff management in the spa organizations will increase the efficiency of enterprise management, strengthen its adaptability and ability to change, improve the level of knowledge and competence of staff. The author's vision of the concept of «spa management» has been proposed, allowing to identify specific approaches to the management of the spa structures. Prospect of further research in this direction is to carry out studies of the market of spa industry in Ukraine, its problems and ways to solve them. Development of both the domestic spa industry and the spa tourism is a promising area for investment and public support, the favorable geographical and climatic situation together with rich natural curative resources provide the basis for the formation of a powerful sector in the service business.

Authors and Affiliations

Zlata Tiahunova, Viktoriia Bondarenko


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