Digitization and music global value chain: an evolutionary approach to the emergency of aggregators in the Brazilian market

Journal Title: Sociedade e Estado - Year 2019, Vol 34, Issue 1


This paper analyzes the impact of digitization on the Music Global Value Chains, underlining the Brazilian market. In this sense, it observes the majors labels’ crisis and the digital aggregators emergence within this value chain. With the main objective to analyze the impacts of the digitalization on the governance structure of the music industry, mainly in Brazil, it adapts the governance concept from Global Value Chain approach to the creative industries context according to the Evolutionary economics perspective, combining the Veblenian microeconomics with the Neo-Schumpeterian macroeconomics. It concludes that aggregators’ rising is due to a successful adaptation to the new technological paradigm and the development of new tools for consumption habits formation, assuring the structuration of the expectations from consumers as well as firms such as indie labels and streaming platforms.

Authors and Affiliations

Pedro Perfeito da Silva, Leandro Valiati


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