Dystrophic Calcified Nodule Testis - A Rare Case Report

Journal Title: Scholars Journal of Medical Case Reports - Year 2016, Vol 4, Issue 10


Abstract:Intratesticular calcification has been a concern for practicing surgeons because of its possible association with testicular cancers. A case of testicular calcified nodule of 23mm size in a 70 year old male is reported who presented to us with complaint of swelling & heaviness in right testis. Pt was evaluated to rule out any testicular tumor. Ultrasonography showed a calcified lesion in right testis. High orchidectomy was done after frozen section report. Post operatively, patient recovered well and was discharged. Our case is a unique one, as till date no case of Testicular calcified nodule of such a large size has been reported. Keywords:Dystrophic calcified nodule testis, Testicular Macrolithiasis, Testicular Microlithiasis, USG Scrotum.

Authors and Affiliations

Dr. A. S. Grover, Dr. Mukesh Goel, Dr. Abhitesh Singh, Dr. Guramritpal Singh, Dr Anil Kumar Suri, Dr. Sumeet Mahajan


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Dr. A. S. Grover, Dr. Mukesh Goel, Dr. Abhitesh Singh, Dr. Guramritpal Singh, Dr Anil Kumar Suri, Dr. Sumeet Mahajan (2016). Dystrophic Calcified Nodule Testis - A Rare Case Report. Scholars Journal of Medical Case Reports, 4(10), 726-728. https://europub.co.uk/articles/-A-374257