Effect of an Educational Program on Knowledge, Strains andCoping Patterns of the Family Care Givers having Autistic Children

Journal Title: IOSR Journal of Nursing and health Science - Year 2018, Vol 7, Issue 2


Back ground: Autism is a complex developmental disability that appears during the first three years of life affecting children’s ability to communicate with others. Aim: the present study was quasi-experimental aiming to assess the effect of an educational program on knowledge, strains and coping patterns of the family caregivers having autistic children.Setting: the study was conducted in Children and Adolescent Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic in Suez Canal University Hospital, FourPrimary Schools, Wyana Institution for Integration and Rehabilitation, El-Aml Center for Children with Special Needs, El-Tathkief El-Fekri Institution and the Psychiatric Measures Clinic at Ismailia city. The sample: included 36 caregivers and 36 autistic children. Data were obtained through interviewing them using three tools: structured interview questionnaire, caregiver strain questionnaire-short form and brief cope scale. The results: revealed that 44.4% versus 86.1% of the studied caregivers had unsatisfactory and satisfactory total knowledge regarding autism, strains\stressors and copingpre\post-program respectively with a statistically significant difference (P= 0.000).The total strain scores of the studied caregivers were high among 77.8% and still high among 88.9% of them pre\post- program respectively with no statistically significant difference (P > 0.05). The majority (97.2% and 91.7%) of the studied caregivers had high total coping scores pre\post-program respectivelywithnostatistically significant difference (P > 0.05). Conclusion: the educational program significantly increased the total knowledge ofthe studied caregiversand insignificantlynearly maintained their total coping. However, it was insignificantly ineffective in decreasing the total strains of the studied caregivers. Recommendation: Emphasize the importance of carrying out educational programs to improve knowledge, reduce strains and enhance the coping patterns of the family care givers having autistic children.

Authors and Affiliations

Safaa Gomaa Abu El-Soud, Wafaa El-Sayed Ouda, Somaya El SayedAbou Abdou, Manal Farouk Mohamed


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