Effect of Organizational Downsizing on Job Satisfaction of Surviving Employees at Vodafone Ghana

Journal Title: Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Studies - Year 2019, Vol 2, Issue 02


This study is aimed at investigating the effect of downsizing on the job satisfaction of surviving employees at Vodafone branch, Ghana. The study specially sought to find out if there was any sex, job status or age differences in job satisfaction among survivors of downsizing at Vodafone Ghana. This research employed the survey research approach. The study population included the staff of Vodafone Ghana, Osu branch. A total of 68 respondents were drawn from various departments of the organization out of 97 for the study using convenience as well as purposive sampling techniques. A Likert scale-typed questionnaire was used with responses ranging from strongly disagree, disagree, Uncertain, agree and strongly agree. Quantitative data analysis was done using computer software: Ms Excel and SPSS. Data collected was analyzed using both interpretive and statistical methods. In all, the study tested three hypotheses. Results of the study indicated that, there were no gender differences in job satisfaction among survivors of downsizing. Again, contrary to the hypothesis stated, age was not found to affect the job satisfaction of survivors of downsizing. However results of the study showed that survivors of downsizing experienced less job satisfaction than their senior counterparts. Based on the findings from the study, the following recommendations among others are put forward: For downsizing to be effective and strategically beneficial, an implementation plan must be in place. It is also recommended that management should involve employees in the process, and communicate comprehensively reasons for the downsizing. Further research on the effects of downsizing on survivors will serve to further refine the relationships as presented, or add data sufficient to assess those variables not used in this study and in addition, may identify new variables not currently identified as potentially relevant to downsizing.

Authors and Affiliations

Isaac Nti Ofori Ph. D, Ifediba Margaret-Mary, C, Onyeaghala Obioma H, Ph. D and Bruce Zilpah


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