Effects of Laboratory Learning Environment on Students’ Academic Achievement in Chemistry in Senior Secondary Schools

Journal Title: International Journal of Current Science Research and Review - Year 2020, Vol 3, Issue 05


hemistry is often regarded as a difficult subject by the students. Learning environment is the diverse physical locations, contexts and cultures in which students learn. This study looked at the effect of chemistry laboratory learning environment on student Academic Achievement in chemistry. A satisfied random sampling technique was used to select students from the six (6) educational zones in Anambra State. A total of 300 chemistry students from the six (6) educational zones in Anambra State were sampled. Quasi-experimental design was adopted for the study. Chemistry Achievement Test (CAT) with reliability coefficient of 0.82 using Kuder Richardon – 21 and Chemistry Laboratory Learning Environment Inventory (CLLEI) with a reliability coefficient of 0.85 using Cronch alpha were used for data gathering Mean, Standard Deviation. t-test was used to analyze the data. The results showed that the chemistry laboratory learning environment has a significant effect on students’ academic achievement in chemistry. An environment has an effect on the academic achievement of the students. Also there is a significant difference between students’ preferred and actual chemistry laboratory learning environments in terms of students’ open-endedness, cohesiveness, material, integration, rule clarity. The results also indicated that there is no significance difference or male and female students in the way they perceived the same laboratory learning environment. It is recommended that students should be given the opportunity to work cooperatively, provided with frequent laboratory activities. Better conducive laboratory learning environment will yield better academic achievement in chemistry.

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