Efficient Route Discovery by Selecting Link Stability Neighbors in MANET

Journal Title: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) - Year 2015, Vol 4, Issue 2


Energy awareness for computation and protocol management is becoming a crucial factor in the design of protocols and algorithms. On the other hand, in order to support node mobility, scalable routing strategies have been designed and these protocols try to consider the path duration in order to respect some QOS constraints and to reduce fake neighbor position for route discovery. Often energy saving and path duration and stability can be two contrasting efforts and trying to satisfy both of them can be very difficult because such a process can be easily abused or disrupted by adversarial nodes. Neighbor discovery is an important part of many protocols for mobile ad hoc networks, including localization and routing. When neighbor discovery fails, communications and protocols performance deteriorate. In this paper, we address this open issue by proposing mobile secure neighbor discovery with respect to select the most stable path so as to reduce the latency and the overhead due to route reconstruction, which offers a measure of protection against fake positions by allowing participating mobile nodes to securely determine if they are neighbors. We prove security properties of our protocol, and demonstrate its effectiveness through GLOMOSIM simulations.

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