Enhancing Traffic Safety with Mobile Applications

Journal Title: Acta Technica Jaurinensis - Year 2016, Vol 9, Issue 3


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) have great potential and market on modern traffic environment. Technologies of the day enable the real-time data transfer and presentation for the actors in traffic and outside of it. Inter-cognitive communication is a form of communication where an information system gathers data and processes it to a form of which users can benefit on their decision making. In this paper we will present how deploying new cognitive elements on mobile applications can increase traffic safety. The most important point of view in sharing the traffic data is how to present it for the driver and how to make the data transfer reliable and safe. New vehicles have built-in solutions, such as comprehensive infotainment systems, to present the information and warnings, but older vehicles do not have this option. Therefore the modern devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers can be utilized for these purposes. This paper describes Centria’s research work on developing mobile applications for improving the traffic flow and safety by real-time support for the driver’s decision making. Also, the data security has been studied and tested at Centria, and will be reported in this paper.

Authors and Affiliations

H Kaartinen, J Jämsä


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