Ensuring the sustainability of the human resources management system of maritime industry enterprises


The article examines the conditions for ensuring the sustainability of the human resources management system of maritime enterprises. The procedure of developing an international human resources management strategy is observed. It is proved that the transformation of the management system becomes a necessary condition for the productive competitive development of the enterprises of the maritime industry. It is established that the key factors of enterprise success is the strategy of international human resources management of maritime enterprises, which is a system of establishing time-bound possible directions of human resources development through the use of appropriate rules, means, analytical methods and management tools, which aim to reach the sustainability of human resources management system under the influence of environmental factors of the maritime industry. On the basis of the conducted research the formation of the strategy of management of the international human resources of the maritime enterprises, the model of maintenance of sustainability of the human resources management system, the system of methodological and economic and analytical support of strategic decisions are developed. The sequence of the stages of the strategic decisions formation dealing with sustainability of human resources management system of the maritime enterprises and the block complex of strategic decisions formations on steady functioning of the human resources management system of the sea transport enterprises are formed. Based on the review of the existing theory of expert research methods, we can say that it is necessary to develop that kind of a procedure of expert survey, which would fully meet the task of providing a strategic decision and would be convenient in practice and which will form the basis, information background for strategic decisions on the sustainability of the human resource management system.

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