Evaluation of clinical and laboratory causes of burns in pre-school children

Journal Title: Journal of Current Biomedical Reports - Year 2021, Vol 2, Issue 1


We investigate characteristics of burns in children aged up to seven years and hospitalized at Velayat burn center unit for two years to evaluate clinical and laboratory causes of burns in pre-school children. In a retrospective study, all patients under 6 years who were admitted to Velayat hospital due to burn injuries between 20 march 2016 and 20 march 2017 participated in this study. Baseline data and information collected from hospital HIS system and patient records. The burn-injured children were 283 patients, of which 54.1% were male and 45.9% were female. These injuries mostly were caused by hot liquid (78.7%). The greatest number of burn victims were boys between one and two years old. Almost all the accidents occurred in the home environment (90.1%). A significant correlation was observed between contact burns, serum albumin level, and serum C-reactive protein (CRP) levels with burn severity. Our data demonstrate the importance of developing a program for the prevention of pediatric scalds with the education of family members to be aware of the danger. This knowledge may contribute. the most important and major discovery in our studies so far has been the hypothesis of estimating Albumin 1b peptides (A1b) and CRP laboratory factors during the initial week of hospitalization in the prognosis of children and its constant relation with the severity level of the burns.

Authors and Affiliations

Mohammadreza Mobayen, Siamak Rimaz, Arghavan Malekshahi


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