Exploration of reproductive healthcare needs among adult men regarding sexual transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS

Journal Title: Electronic Physician - Year 2017, Vol 9, Issue 9


INTRODUCTION: One of the most important public health issues is men's sexual and reproductive health. Men are the most important counterparts in the prevention of sexual transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. A low level of men's referral to utilize healthcare services and the stigmatization of reporting sexually transmitted diseases in society due to cultural issues calls for the designation of strategies for improving the men's healthcare conditions. In addition, it is required to assess men's healthcare needs with consideration of cultural-contextual, social, and economic issues. The aim of this study was to explore the reproductive healthcare needs of men regarding sexual transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. METHODS: This was a qualitative study with 34 men and six women from the general population; health policymakers, reproductive health providers, and clergies were collected in two large cities of Iran, including Tehran and Mashhad, in 2015 through individual in-depth interviews. Participants were chosen through purposive sampling. In-depth individual interviews were conducted to collect data. All interviews were transcribed verbatim and using data analysis through conventional qualitative content analysis. Data were analyzed using conventional qualitative content analysis with MAXqda. RESULTS: The data analysis resulted in the development of four themes and 10 categories. The themes were "men's educational empowerment," "appropriate sociocultural background with advocacy," "organizing sexual needs based on sexual ethics, religious doctrine and women's empowerment," and "meeting men's preventive, caring and welfare needs." CONCLUSION: Because men's reproductive health is intertwined with public health, data collected regarding men's healthcare needs with the consideration of social and cultural factors can be used for designing strategies for reducing the incidence/prevalence rates of STDs and HIV/AIDS

Authors and Affiliations

Leila Karimi, Khadijeh Mirzaii Najmabadi, Abbas Ebadi, Asiyeh Pormehr-Yabandeh


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Leila Karimi, Khadijeh Mirzaii Najmabadi, Abbas Ebadi, Asiyeh Pormehr-Yabandeh (2017). Exploration of reproductive healthcare needs among adult men regarding sexual transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. Electronic Physician, 9(9), 5250-5256. https://europub.co.uk/articles/-A-329673