Fly Ash Tiles and Its Resistance to Wear

Journal Title: GRD Journal for Engineering - Year 2017, Vol 2, Issue 4


As fly ash consist of more fine particles and amorphous in nature, it shows pozzolanic behavior and sometimes also self-cementitious character. Depending on the proportion of its porosity and its chemical constitutes, its density ranges between 1.3g/cm3 and 4.8g/cm3. To-date cement and concrete industry uses around half of fly ash. Concrete tiles can be another substitution to the costly traditional tiles. Traditional tiles also have low operating life. Here full size tiles for different compositions of fly ash are picked for the abrasion resistance test. The test samples were of size 70.6mm×70.6mm i.e. their surface area is 5000mm2.

Authors and Affiliations

Chitra Shijagurumayum, Saransa Sahoo, Anushree Khare


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