Forest detection using avaliable Landsat satellite imagery in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Journal Title: Geodetski glasnik - Year 2018, Vol 52, Issue 49


It is apparent devastation of forest resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina in different ways. Surveyors employed in forest management societies and Forestry administrations of different levels of government witnesses this difficult problem. Methods and techniques of remote sensing, as a new discipline in the surveying, enable automatic data processing - getting reliable (space and time) of information that is the basis for efficient and effective forest management. The proceedings of the implied classification and interpretation of satellite images were used satellite images from two periods (1987 and 2013). These images are processed in software ArcGIS 10.2. and eCognition Developer, the results are displayed in map form. By analyzing the results - processed satellite images (high accuracy in this class of images), it was concluded that it is possible to analyze the shape of the forests.

Authors and Affiliations

Dženana Hajdarević


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