Fuzzy logic in accounting and auditing

Journal Title: Journal of Fuzzy Extension & Applications - Year 2020, Vol 1, Issue 1


Many areas of accounting have highly ambiguous due to undefined and inaccurate terms. Many ambiguities are generated by the human mind. In the field of accounting, these ambiguities lead to the creation of uncertain information. Many of the targets and concepts of accounting with binary classification are not consistent. Similarly, the discussion of the materiality or reliability of accounting is not a two-part concept. Because there are degrees of materiality or reliability. Therefore, these ambiguities lead to the presentation information that is not suitable for decision making. Lack of attention to the issue of ambiguity in management accounting techniques, auditing procedures, and financial reporting may lead to a reduced role of accounting information in decision-making processes. Because information plays an important role in economic decision-making, and no doubt, the quality of their, including accuracy in providing it to a wide range of users, can be useful for decision-making. One of the features of the fuzzy set is that it reduces the need for accurate data in decision making. Hence this information can be useful for users.

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Mohsen Imeni


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