Genetic correlation between egg quality traits

Journal Title: Scientific Journal of Biological Sciences - Year 2014, Vol 3, Issue 6


Genetic correlation coefficients between egg quality traits were studiedusing fifty- six harco pullets raised under standard management practices. Theestimates were carried out at 22-week, 26-week, 30-week and 32-week of age. Eggquality traits studied include egg weight (EW), shell thickness (ST), haughunit (HU), yolk index (YI) and shape index (SI). Zero to slight negative correlationcoefficients was observed between EW and HU, EW and YI, EW and SI, ST and SI,and HU and YI. This implies that selection for any of the character entailsminimal retrogressive response on corresponding trait. Conversely, zero toslight positive correlation coefficients was recorded between EW and SI, SI andYI, and HU and SI. Again, selection for any of this character will bring abouta slight genetic gain on the corresponding trait. Furthermore, the study maintainedthat the genetic correlation coefficients between egg quality traits areindependent of the laying age, and for faster genetic response in egg qualitytraits, independent culling method. Again, since genes governing the expressionof these egg quality traits appear to be independent of each other, it ispossible to localize, isolate and intersperse these genes simultaneously infoundational poultry lines using biotechnological tools for faster geneticgain.

Authors and Affiliations

J. C. Okonkwo| Department of animal science and technology, faculty of agriculture, nnamdi azikiwe university, pmb 5025 awka, anambra state, Nigeria.


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