Global, economic and technological trends in human resource management development


Background: A manager is the one who is responsible for accomplishing the tasks of the organization and who directs the efforts of the organization's employees for this purpose. In this paper, we will focus on one of the functions of management - the function of personnel management and on some trends that the 21st century has brought. Objectives: of this paper is to explore and identify innovative ways and trends, global, economic and technological shifts in human resource management. Methods/approach.: We have studied the experience that exists for effective and innovative use of freelancers, social networks and internet applications. We brought them in contact with a number of macroeconomic agents and set out directions and outlines for further research. Results: In close collaboration with line managers, HR managers have been helping employers to find, hire, dismiss, administer and evaluate employees. However, there are trends in personnel management that substantially change perceptions of how well employers are coping with their HR tasks. Conclusion: HR department's style and methods are constantly changing. Because of this, many employers are re-examining the organization of their HR functions. These types of HR centres carry out their activities through intranets (centralized networks) or centralized call centres; Feedback, jokes, and game-specific targeting coincide with many new training apps, and websites such as Knack, Gild, and True Office allow an employer to incorporate game features in training, performance evaluation and recruitment.).

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